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Reflexology: my story.

    I first came across reflexology when I found a chapter in the back of a massage book and, wanting to impress my sporty boyfriend, told him I could sort out his pulled calf muscle. Not sure who was most surprised when it worked, him or me! Anyway he was […]

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In need of Sleep?

  I worry about  how many people suffer from sleep deprivation. Is it because we use our electronic devices too much, are our brains over stimulated, or are we a mess of anxieties? I suspect for many of us it’s a combination of all those things, maybe even an overload […]

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Deadly Sin? No more!

The question came to me in a flash…which mealy-mouthed, mean-spirited Puritan designated Pride as a deadly sin? All my life I’ve had that tight-lipped disapproving voice in my head spoiling every celebration of success big or small…’pride comes before a fall’ ( say it with your lips pursed and your […]

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