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Gut Health

I love that my two businesses work together so well. And nowhere is it more obvious than when I’m talking about gut health.  Reflexology is a great way to treat gut problems, helping the body’s own healing properties to rebalance all aspects of the very complex system. Of course what […]

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Hooked on ‘medical’ solutions?

As a reflexologist I meet people with all sorts of problems who come to work with me for many reasons. All of them are determined not to give in to their poor health and seek help often alongside and sometimes outside the pharmaceutical/ medical services. Interestingly when I am out […]

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Do we make ourselves ill?

I’ve been thinking about why some people get sick and others don’t and about people who seem to catch everything or stagger from one serious condition to the next….because recently I had a very telling experience. I’m fairly sure I ‘made myself’ ill. I was having a hip replacement and […]

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