Deadly Sin? No more!

The question came to me in a flash…which mealy-mouthed, mean-spirited Puritan designated Pride as a deadly sin? All my life I’ve had that tight-lipped disapproving voice in my head spoiling every celebration of success big or small…’pride comes before a fall’ ( say it with your lips pursed and your nose wrinkled disapprovingly as you tut,  to get an exact replica of what I hear) ..and I don’t subscribe to the idea that it’s the word of God , it’s definitely something added to suit some power grabbing overlord to keep lower mortals in their place.  If your God doesn’t want you to be proud of yourself s/he is not on your side! I realise that the definition of the sinful pride (Vanity, Hubris, lack of humility ) is not quite what I’m talking about ..but as a child growing up I didn’t differentiate and for years I squashed any self congratulation in case I somehow engineered my own downfall, being hurtled out of the family home pursued by hot ashes like some juvenile Lucifer. Was I the only child who felt a little sorry for poor Lucifer?

Well I’ve had it with Miss dog-bottom Voice! I’m not going to worry about feeling Pride anymore. I refuse to hear her…she can reappear if I start bragging but she can bog off when I feel genuinely proud: I’m immensely proud of my 2 fantastic sons and 4 amazing step-children, of my 8 beautiful grandchildren and my lovely husband. I’m also incredibly proud of myself…there I’ve said it….I’m proud of my skills as a reflexologist, of my ability to help others, of building a business at an age when others are running out of steam, I’m proud of my 42 years as a teacher in mainstream secondary education. I’m proud of my many many students who are making their way in the world as good citizens , as creative beings who add to the general weal. So I’m proud, not vain or overbearing, just plain proud. Look at my gorgeous grand daughters…performing their own play for me!


Pride will not come before my fall; pride is a motivator, my re-energiser, knowledge of a job well done and that feeling that I can do this.  Pride has been longer a deadly sin!


  • I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

    • Thank you Jona. I hope you enjoy more of my musings. I don’t post often but I try to write from the heart.

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