Hooked on ‘medical’ solutions?

imageAs a reflexologist I meet people with all sorts of problems who come to work with me for many reasons. All of them are determined not to give in to their poor health and seek help often alongside and sometimes outside the pharmaceutical/ medical services.
Interestingly when I am out and about talking about the health benefits of both reflexology and Aloe Vera drinking gel I also meet lots of people who seem to be equally determined not to accept that there may be an answer to their problems or at least some relief from a condition, which isn’t a tablet or surgery.
I’ve thought about this for a while now. My first thought was that maybe some people have tried ‘alternatives ‘ or complementary treatment before and been disillusioned. But I think it’s more than this. Maybe we are so conditioned into believing that only a ‘medical ‘ solution will answer our prayers, that we don’t hear the possibility of relief from any other source. Certainly there are people who will consider nothing unless their medical practitioner approves it. Even when that medical practitioner can offer nothing but tablets which mask symptoms or worse, give relief but cause other problems.
Why are we suspicious of so called alternativ e therapies but not of a GP who thinks ‘these tablets may help. If they don’t then we will try some different ones! ‘ One lady I know has oestoporosis but the medication she has been prescribed causes her skin to react and so she suffers with painful rosacea. I have a natural solution which will support her bones and help her skin alongside her medication. Will she try it? No. Here’s a little test to see how open you are to thinking about health therapies outside the medical profession. Look again at the picture at the top. Do you trust these people? Do you trust them ┬áless if I tell you they offer alternative cancer therapy?

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