Do January Kindly: advice from a January Girl

Do you hate all the usual ‘new  year’s resolution’ approach to January? 

It does get a bad press, doesn’t it. Time to get your house in order, put all the pretty decorations away, change your life, diet, do Dry January, evolve a new you, make resolutions, Fat Free Month, SO BOSSY…and then all those posts about how fed up that makes you feel when you fail. No wonder so many people say they don’t like January. It’s a bit like that puritanical aunt telling us off after the excesses of Christmas…imagine pursed lips , dog-bottom voice telling you ” you’ve over-spent and over-eaten for three days …you now have to starve for a month, feel thoroughly miserable and feel like a failure”


January as it used to be ( a bit of History but don’t be put off) 

The month is named after the two-headed Roman god Janus who looked backwards and forwards while guarding the gate to the new year, but The Romans knew a thing or two about celebration and they decorated their homes and gave each other gifts at this time of year.  Maybe it’s time, for the benefit of our emotional well being, to change our approach to January. I firmly believe that our ‘health’ is so much more than physical and excessive privations in January can do more harm than good.


My Approach To January ( a re-brand) 

Perhaps it’s because I was born in January but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for her. My social calendar is better than before Christmas, lots of lovely meals out planned with friends and family, no diet for me thank you. I love the cosy evenings in too, and a dram or two of whisky warms the cockles of my heart. So I’m on a campaign to rehabilitate, re-brand January. We still have a big chunk of winter to get through and maybe your mental and emotional health need more focus than the physical at this time of year.


8 Ways to Enjoy January from  a January girl

1.  be gentle with yourself..there’s time enough come Spring to push your exercise and healthy eating limits

2.  enjoy the excuse to treat yourself  to a warming tipple or a little chocolate: it’s cold out and being miserable lowers your immune system.

3.  book fun things to do with family and friends, have a get together, serve lovely warming chilli con carne or stew and dumplings.

4. watch heart warming films and read good books. It’s too  early to come straight out of hibernation.  Curl up with your pet/partner/children if you can or a lovely cosy blanket if you prefer.

5. keep an eye on those gradually later sunset times as the light slowly increases so that by February or maybe even March you’re raring to go.

6.  when the sun does shine and the ground is crisp with frost go for a walk, maybe borrow a dog if you don’t have one, but don’t over do it.

7. above all be gentle with yourself and do whatever you need to do in moderation.

8. book yourself some relaxing therapy such as reflexology or reiki.

(If you are not sure how these can help please read some of my other blog posts at or visit my Facebook page and have a browse at Forever Flourishing Reflexology )

Do let me know what you have planned for January especially if you’ve taken my advice to heart!  

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