Reflexology A to Z: A for Anxiety

Anxiety is more than just a pain in the neck! It can have horrible long term effects on your body and your life.

Let’s look at Anxiety. 

At some point in our lives we all feel anxious…. the dentist, exams, financial commitments, worrying about kids, interviews….we’ve all been there. Our marvellous bodies help us to cope by producing hormones to stimulate us to action. Will we run or will we fight? Our adrenaline kicks in. Of course it doesn’t always feel like we are coping. It can feel pretty grotty when we get sweaty palms, our stomach turns over, or we flush all over as the blood vessels expand to send extra blood to our limbs. In the normal way of things all these symptoms subside as ‘the danger’ passes.  What if it’s more than this?

What happens if your Anxiety becomes chronic? 

For some of us anxiety can feel like a permanent state. Anyone suffering from chronic anxiety will tell you how awful that is. It can fluctuate throughout the day, week or month and re-emerge at any time. You might have panic attacks, suffer appetite loss or comfort eat, lose interest in sex, become afraid of social situations’s slightly different for different people and can vary in severity but nevertheless it’s not a great place to be and can lead to physical as well as emotional problems.

What happens if you don’t address your Anxiety? 

Easier said than done but more on that later. If you don’t address it…( use your cross voice ” Right  Anxiety..time for you to b—-r off” )  the long term effect on your health can be catastrophic. Here’s a scary list so brace yourself…depression, low immune system, heart disease, adrenal fatigue, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  …and worse if alcohol or drugs become a prop to get you through. So is it time to address it?

What can you do about it? 

First of all you have to be committed to using that cross voice. It won’t be easy. You need to throw everything at it. You might want to do it gradually for a better chance of success but you need to ditch the sugar and caffeine , a little less every day will help. Pay attention to your diet not necessarily for weight loss but for a balanced intake..breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, evening meal then let your digestive system rest for 10 to 12 hours. Start a little exercise and build slowly. Practice better sleep hygiene late evening ‘blue light’ a book rather than your phone or iPad. And get some therapy to help you relax. Now as a reflexologist I’d love to help with this but if I’m not in your area there are lots of us about.

Can Reflexology help? 

If you are prepared to trust your body to sort you out,  then yes. A good reflexologist will work with you, helping your body to restore a natural balance through massage of the pressure points in either your feet or your hands. It will take time but the some of the benefits of reflexology will become apparent quite quickly.  You may experience your first decent night’s  sleep in ages after your first treatment, or your digestive system may feel calmer. Panic attacks may become less frequent or less severe. You will experience deep relaxation, at first it may just be for a little while but with time that should extend. What you can’t see is what’s happening inside where your own body is busily repairing  the damage done by all those excess stress hormones.

Can You Afford It? 

Sharp intake of breath. I charge £30 an hour. That may be affordable for you or may feel like a lot of money depending on your circumstances but it’s an investment in your future health so balance the cost against the benefit. Ask family and friends for vouchers for birthdays and Christmas. Check for special offers or reductions for booking a block of sessions.  At first you may need weekly visits but over time these may reduce. It’s a funny old business where the best outcome is the loss of a customer but that’s my success criteria. My ‘best’ customer is that one who started with 2 sessions a week and now I only see once a month.

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