Reflexology: my story.

image    I first came across reflexology when I found a chapter in the back of a massage book and, wanting to impress my sporty boyfriend, told him I could sort out his pulled calf muscle. Not sure who was most surprised when it worked, him or me! Anyway he was so impressed it inspired me to learn more.

I found I had a natural touch, it just made such sense to me. For the next thirty years I massaged for friends and family, sporty boyfriend-now husband telling everyone how I could help them. It never occurred to me to build a business around it.

The change came gradually. I began to think about my teaching career coming to an end. I knew I’d miss being useful, helping kids get off to a good start and so an idea started to unfold. I got some strange responses from friends and family: yuk feet? being the most popular!

Then my mum died. She had worked hard all her life and had certainly never had an easy time. I remember feeling very sad that her ‘estate’ , when all the bills were settled, amounted to not very much. Not sad for me but for her. She’d been so determined to leave her daughters some money, never quite understanding that she left us a much more valuable legacy.

So I realised that this money would just be absorbed into our family finances if I wasn’t careful and that’s when I decided to use some of it to pay for my qualification. It is something I’m proud of and I think mum would be too. It’s with me forever, and it’s given me an aim, a direction to take my life as I step away from teaching.

I’ve loved building a loyal group of clients but mostly I’ve loved making a difference to their health and well-being. I’ve loved learning some business skills and using what I definitely see as a gift. Thank you mum.

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