Why I’m An Aloe-holic: my 5 Top Reasons for Drinking Aloe Vera

My 5 Top Reasons for drinking Aloe Vera

My  love affair with aloe vera gel , like many stories of true love, did not begin well. I first drank it unwillingly and just  because my husband wanted to see if it worked! There’s not much scientific proof that it would do what we wanted but loads of anecdotal evidence  and I needed help. So…

Reason Number One

I’m not a fan of pills, especially constant repeats of pain killers or anti-inflammatories but I was in lots of pain from my increasing arthritis. Within 3 weeks of starting to drink aloe I knew something was helping to reduce inflammation. This  particular brand has glucosamine, MSM  and chrondritin so maybe it was those supplements ? Well I tried those on their own without much success. I still have arthritis but 3 years on it is no worse and I no longer take loads of painkillers.


Reason Number Two

I quickly realised I was experiencing a new look to my skin, hair and teeth. I glowed. People started to notice a difference. I put it down to lack of pain but over time I’ve realised my skin is retaining a more youthful look, far better than my consistent neglect of it , or my age, should allow.

Reason Number Three

I began to sleep better and to feel more energetic. I have more mojo than I did thirty years ago. My digestive system functions better and my weight is more stable. I feel as if my gut is healthy.

Reason Number Four

I seem now to have such a well balanced immune system, I get very few colds and if I do, it’s soon gone. When others get tummy bugs at work, I don’t catch it.

Reason Number Five

It’s a great refreshing way to start the day. The taste takes a little getting used to but you can add flavoured juice if you need it. I drink 60mls cold from the fridge, unflavoured, on an empty stomach every day  and it makes me feel awake and healthy.

I’m not a medical practitioner, I’m a qualified reflexologist and I’m suspicious of big pharma so maybe that’s why this stuff works for me! But boy the difference it’s made to me is fabulous. So good in fact I joined the company who make it, which means I can buy wholesale. I’m not making massive claims for aloe just saying how it is for me.

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